Better living through better diagnostics

Radisens is transforming medical diagnostics with our proprietary point-of-care device which tests for any disease, anywhere, instantly, with one drop of blood. Find out about this high growth diagnostics market, or learn more about our Gemini™ platform and breakthrough patent-pending technologies.


No other solution on the market delivers on the unmet clinical need to instantly test for any disease or medical condition at the point of care. Using a fraction of a blood drop, the Gemini™ platform offers a single device for decentralized diagnostics. Placement in physicians' offices, pharmacies or medical clinics will realize unprecedented patient access, improved outcomes and healthcare efficiencies.

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Radisens' market traction and strategic partnerships is testament to our disruptive patent-pending technology, extensive intellectual property portfolio and unique value proposition.

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Radisens' disruptive Gemini™ platform introduces multiple patent-pending technologies to realise a single device, which requires only a drop of patient's blood to instantly test for any disease or medical condition at the point of care with laboratory-grade results.

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Integrating such a broad test menu ensures a one-stop-shop for improved patient outcomes and more efficient patient management. With all assay steps and controls integrated onto the cartridges, the clinician simply applies a finger-prick of blood, inserts the cartridge into the device, for results within minutes.

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