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Radisens Diagnostics™ is transforming point-of-care diagnostics with our disruptive platform and multi-mode assay panels for chronic disease management. Find out about this high growth diagnostics market, or learn more about our HDR™ and AirSpring™ technology.

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No other solution on the market delivers on the unmet clinical need to integrate three families of blood testing (namely immunoassay, chemistry and haematology) into a single device, which is required to realise significant cost savings sought by managed care organizations and deliver the economies of scale for small-medium physician office labs.

There is an unmet market need for a single connected sample-to-answer device with central laboratory grade perforamnce and integrated quality controls, to address the US$6bn point-of-care niche for long-term chronic disease management.

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Radisens' significant market traction and early strategic partnerships with three of the top six diagnostic multinationals is testament to our disruptive patent-pending technology, extensive intellectual property portfolio and unique value proposition.

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Radisens' disruptive diagnostics platform introduces HDR™ and AirSpring™ technologies to realise a single device, and multiple multiplexed assay panels, which require only a drop of patient's blood for instant sample-to-answer lab-grade results.

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Multiplexed panels address the need for long-term patient management of chronic disease, including 3rd generation thryoid function, diabetes, chronic kidney, heart disease and cell counting panels. With all assay steps and controls integrated onto low-cost consummables, the clinician simply applies a finger-prick of blood, inserts the disc into the device, for results within minutes.

Real-time connectivity ensures seamless updating of the patient's electronic health record. Embedded controls and smart digital algorithms minimize quality assurance overheads and user-induced errors.

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