Cork, Ireland – February 23, 2012 − Radisens Diagnostics has announced a licensing deal with Tecan Trading AG., securing rights to Tecan’s industry leading centrifugal microfluidic patent portfolio.

The licensed technology consists of a wide range of fundamental centrifugal microfluidic processes and structures which enable automated fluid processing of small sample volumes including valving, metering and mixing.  Also covered are specific applications including affinity-binding based assays and enzymatic assays.

Jerry O’Brien, CEO Radisens Diagnostics said, “Tecan’s significant IP portfolio of granted patents cover novel and pioneering centrifugal microfluidic technologies, enabling Radisens to integrate multiple chronic and acute blood tests at the advanced performance and cost targets required at point-of-care”.

In related news, Dr. Greg Kellogg has joined Radisens Diagnostics as Product Development Director and Boston Office Manager. Greg is an internationally recognised pioneer of centrifugal microfluidics with a proven track record of innovative technology development and has built innovative R&D organizations while at Gamera, Tecan, Network Biosystems and Protiveris. Throughout his career, he has developed novel microfluidic technologies with applications in clinical and molecular diagnostics, genotyping, drug discovery and forensics, developing disposables, instrumentation and reagent products.

About Radisens Diagnostics
Radisens Diagnostics, a venture-backed diagnostics company, is breaking new ground in the decentralization of routine blood testing from central reference laboratories into physician offices, outpatient clinics, hospital bedsides and other point-of-care settings. With a finger-prick of blood, this multi-mode diagnostic device will return laboratory-grade results within minutes during a patient’s physician visit.

Radisens’ applications at launch will concentrate on test panels to provide clinical benefits for more efficient chronic disease management. A single sample-to-result analyzer, this IP protected platform will provide a step improvement in blood test performance, and will remove the many anxious days or weeks of waiting for routine blood test results, provide better patient outcomes and introduce much needed efficiencies into healthcare systems worldwide.

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