Radisens is developing a novel in-vitro diagnostics platform for point-of-care use. It targets the use of a finger-stick blood sample avoiding the need for venepuncture; integration of all sample preparation steps on the test cartridge; laboratory analyser equivalence; and extended room temperature storage.

The Radisens point-of-care platform – Gemini™ – uses a novel centrifugal microfluidic cartridge approach combined with proprietary dried reagent assay protocols based on immuno-turbidimetric and clinical chemistry principles. The Gemini™ point-of-care reader automatically runs these protocols on the single-use cartridges before producing a result using optical detection methods.

Gemini™ is protected by several granted patents including US 9,897,596, EP 2,715,357, JP 6,200,419, US 9,518,925, JP 6,219,840, US 10,130,947, EP 2,928,607, US 10,376,882. Many more are pending.

When properly implemented, point-of-care testing can offer many advantages for both patients and primary care professionals. Fewer steps are needed, including no sample transportation, allowing for improved workflow processes. Immediate availability of test results can expedite medical decision-making, enabling direct patient communication and counselling for more efficient, convenient and accessible care.

Radisens seeks strategic partnerships to help advance Gemini™ into specific patient care pathways. A point-of-care Ferritin test on whole blood is being developed on Gemini™ for the management of iron deficiency. Other candidate assays prototyped to various stages include diabetes (HbA1c), cardiovascular disease (lipids panel), kidney disease (creatinine) and inflammation (C-reactive protein). Further tests are feasible based on existing core technologies.