Our strength is the dedication of the Radisens team.

Our diverse backgrounds and multi-disciplinary insights are behind the many challenges that the Radisens’ Gemini™ platform seeks to address. These include quality-driven advancements in assay development, microfluidics, hardware & software control, and process development.

The Gemini™ platform will comprise of a proprietary desktop reader and multiple single-use test cartridges under development for a sample-in / result-out protocol.

Our innovation has been demonstrated by the granting of early patents, with several more pending, and the awarding of multi-million euro development grants.

A whole blood sample is applied to each test cartridge, wherein all sample preparation and test protocols are performed. Within minutes, quantitative results are presented to the healthcare professional. This is achieved through proprietary assay formulations and the automated control of microfluidic movements on a low-cost cartridge.

Gemini™ Chronic Disease Test Menu

Test panels will include:

  • Chronic Diabetes (HbA1c)
  • Cardiovascular Disease (Full Lipid Profile)
  • Renal Function (Creatinine)

Our Gemini™ Platform

  • Clinical Monitoring across multiple care pathways with one device
  • Room temperature storage with long shelf life removing the need for refrigeration
  • Robust and reliable design enabling utility in community settings
  • Simple blood sample application requiring less than one drop