Radisens is developing a next-generation quantitative point-of-care IVD platform – Gemini™ – which has the potential for delivering a finger-stick sample-to-answer solution using long-term room temperature stable test cartridges. The Gemini™ platform is a centrifugal microfluidics-based platform which will consist of a desktop reader and a pipeline of single- and multi-plexed test cartridges for, but not limited to, HbA1c, Lipids, Creatinine, Iron Status and Inflammation based on immuno-turbidimetric and clinical chemistry principles.

Method comparison data with clinical samples are available for HbA1c, Lipids (TChol, Trigs, HDL) with long-term stability data for accelerated and real-time storage conditions. Preliminary data for Creatinine, measured LDL, Ferritin and C-reactive protein are available. System precision for the reader and cartridge cuvette is <0.5% with assay incubation tolerance of ±0.1°C. Over 75,000 cartridge prototypes have been moulded to date for assay and process optimisation studies.

Gemini™ leverages the many advantages of centrifugal microfluidics such as controlled liquid transport, metering, plasma separation, mixing and valving, enhanced by proprietary assay chemistries. Reagents for agglutination and enzymatic/colorimetric tests (single- & dual-phase) are formulated, concentrated and dispensed on to injection moulded cartridges and subjected to a proprietary multi-parameter controlled reagent drying process, which lends itself to rapid on-cartridge rehydration, long-term stability and scale-up.

Radisens’ 10,000 sq. feet leased facility includes fully equipped assay development and formulation labs with a Beckman AU480 chemistry analyser, a rapid prototyping machine shop with a Datron M8Cube CNC machine and an environmentally controlled prototype assembly line with reagent drying chambers and cartridge assembly equipment.

Our R&D Team

Our multidisciplinary team has expertise across:

  • Assay development
  • Concentrated reagent formulation and drying methods
  • Surface chemistry
  • Centrifugal microfluidics & rapid prototyping
  • Process development
  • Design for manufacture, tooling & injection moulding
  • Electromechanical & optoelectronic design
  • Thermal design & management
  • Digital signal processing & software development

Performance Data