Radisens Technology

Radisens’ Gemini™ platform, which includes myriad nanotechnology breakthroughs, has been realised by our multidisciplinary biochemistry, centrifugal microfluidics, optoelectronics and manufacturing process development teams. Our multiple patent-pending innovations integrate multiplexed immunoassay, clinical chemistry, haematology and turbidimetry technologies onto one diagnostic device for integrated point-of-care operation.

Radisens test panels for chronic disease co-morbidity management

This multi-mode approach introduces new paradigms for the diagnosis and monitoring of chronic disease co-morbidity, introducing stepped improvements for the chronic disease management. With demonstrated ‘third generation’ performance, a fraction of a blood drop delivers instant diagnostic results. Initial test panels target the diabetes, heart disease, chronic kidney and liver disease clinical pathways.

With better than 2pg/ml (TSH) sensitivities, this quantitative diagnostics platform finally brings central laboratory performance to point-of-care settings, without the need for large capital outlay, complex quality assurance or training programmes, or complicated operator protocols.

Chronic Disease Co-Morbidity Test Menu

Initial test panels for improved chronic disease co-morbidity management include:

  • Chronic Diabetes (HbA1c)
  • Heart Disease (Full lipids)
  • Thyroid Function (3rd generation TSH)
  • Renal Function (Creatinine, Electrolytes)
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC w/ 5pt diff)
  • … plus an extensive panel roadmap

Platform Features

This disruptive diagnostics platform offers several advancements to drive the growth of point-of-care diagnostics including:

  • unique platform for chronic disease co-morbidity diagnostics,
  • quantitative multi-mode device for immunoassay, clinical chemistry, haematology and molecular panels,
  • simple blood sample application via integrated transfer pipette,
  • cartridge storage at room temperature,
  • integrated auto-calibration and assay controls,
  • all sample preparation steps integrated on the consumable,
  • digital HDR™ optoelectronic detection with six orders of dynamic range,
  • real-time interface to LIS and EHR middleware,
  • digital signal processing and biological analytics algorithms.